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  Scribner News:                    Update to the Scribner Master Data Repository


Ray & Valetta Scribner Photos


Gilman Garrison House, Exeter, New Hampshire


This is the Scribner Family News Page.  This page serves as an update to the Master Family Database that is hosted on this site, and compiled by Ray Scribner.  As changes, additions, or deletions of that data is warranted, those changes will be posted on this page until such time as an update of the entire database is uploaded.  So, if you are checking the database, don't forget to stop by this page to see if there are any updates!

This page will also be used to post news items of interest as well as actual database additions.  For example, for those Scribner Family members who have been looking for Pelatiah Scribner or John Scribner and his wife Thankful Shaw, we have recently discovered leads about them.  For details, read below.


New Photos!

We recently acquired 3 photographs of descendents of Captain Daniel Scribner: 2 of Lucy Maria Scribner and 1 of her husband William H. Day.  Go to the photo page for the descendants of Captain Daniel Scribner and check them out for yourself!

Ray's Data Updated!

Ray recently made a trip to Maine, and has substantially revised and made additions to his database.  We will be posting that data soon.  Ray and Laura have jointly agreed that we will update Ray's data quarterly.  So, keep checking back --- and if you have data that you are willing to contribute please send it to Ray.

Scribner Subsites Now Available!

Would you like to have a page dedicated to your particular Scribner family or line including photos, reports, data and family information?  We can now provide subsites for Scribner families for as little as $5 per month, depending upon size.  For further information, contact the webmaster.


Wedding Photograph for Frank H. Scribner and Anna Bartosch

We have posted a photograph of the wedding party for Frank H. Scribner and Anna Bartosch.  They may be found on the Samuel Scribner, Sr. Descendents' Images Page.

Ray & Valetta Scribner Photographs

Jeanne Scribner Domuret, daughter of Raymond Elwin Scribner, Jr. has provided us with several photographs of the Eugene Guy Scribner Family.  They may be found on the Thomas Parker Scribner Descendents' Images page.

Eugene Guy Scribner's descendency is:  John Scriven -> John Scribner, Sr. -> Edward Scribner, Sr. -> John Scribner [2nd John] -> Thomas Parker Scribner -> Samuel G. Scribner -> Elbridge G. Scribner -> Heman Blackwell Scribner -> Eugene Guy Scribner

Scribner Store

We have received a copy of a newspaper article containing a photograph of the General Store owned and operated by Willoughby Scribner in Brimley, Chippewa County, Michigan -- taken about 1890.

The full-size photograph has been placed on the Edward Scribner, Sr. Family Images page.  Willoughby's descendency -  John Scriven -> John Scribner, Sr. -> Edward Scribner, Sr. -> Edward Scribner, Jr. -> Simon L. Scribner, Sr. -> Nason Scribner -> Willoughby L. Scribner.



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