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Scribner Multimedia Family History


Family History CDs

Available for Purchase -- Would You Like A Multimedia History of Your Scribner Family On A Disk Of Your Own?

We've heard you..... We have created a multimedia presentation for the family of John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire, as descended through his eldest son John Scribner, Sr. and then through John's son Edward Scribner, who moved to Waterboro, York County, Maine.  This multimedia family history  CD is now available for purchase.  Actually, this works well for us because we are using all net proceeds from the sale of the CDs to support the hosting of this website. 

bulletWhen we initially made the decision to set up this cooperative website, we opted for commercial hosting rather than the free Rootsweb hosting.  Although we recognized the cost in doing so, we were also aware of the limitations of the free webhosting, and the extra tools that the commercial hosting would provide.  Thus, the concept of a revenue generating support tool was born! 
bulletAt that point, Laura Cooper Fenimore utilized the wonderful research of Ray Scribner to develop an early Scribner family history narrative in multimedia format.  The content was originally available for download through a FlipAlbum online streaming format.  However, we ran into continued difficulties in finding reasonably priced server space for the streaming multimedia downloads.  Dial-up connections are painfully slow in the multimedia era, and rather than paring back the content, we opted instead to offer an alternative for Scribner families and interested researchers who did not have broadband, or who just wanted to get copies for their own families.  Thus, the CD Sales came into being!
bulletFortunately for our group, the CD sales have generated just enough revenue to keep the webhosting afloat for this massive endeavor!  So, if you are considering a CD purchase, remember that you are also supporting the hosting of our fabulous commercial website!  ALL net proceeds of the sale are utilized to fund the hosting of this website.  [Have you noticed how much we have here now?  This website now consists of thousands of HTML pages, including an outstanding image archive!] {Laura has nightmares about screwing up the backups!  That's why she sends them to Perry for safekeeping.}

What others have said about the CD:

Lois Hill, February, 2003:

"My CD is running perfectly. It's a beautiful piece of work. The graphics are out of this world! I love reading all the history. I would definitely recommend this CD to others! The pricing is certainly fair. I will continue to enjoy it for years to come and hope that my grandchildren will do the same. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

We have set up a merchant account with PayPal that will allow you to purchase the multimedia volumes online.  Currently, the overall presentation is separated into 9 FlipAlbum "volumes" [the separation is due to a memory resource limitation in the FlipAlbum creation software].  This is a self-playing CD with nine volumes spanning PreNorman English History through the American Revolutionary War and shortly thereafter.  We used to offer single volumes, but people only purchased the entire set, so I am going to simplify things and just offer the whole set for one flat price with no shipping or handling add-ons.  The cost of the CD is $20.00 [U.S.], and that includes all shipping and handling charges [within the Continental U.S. or Canada]. 


We have simplified the process with the above "CLICK TO BUY NOW" button, and you will be redirected to PayPal to process the order.  Once there, you will either login or create an account using a major credit card.

Unfortunately, we only have a version for PC [no Mac version].  If you are interested in a Mac version, please let us know -- if we get enough requests we will seriously consider the matter.

  If you have any questions about this before purchase, please e-mail the webmaster.


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Family History Online Multimedia Volume Descriptions:

Volumes 1-4 Pertain to All Descendents of John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire

bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 1
bulletThis Volume presents the origin of the feudal Manorial Estate in Salop, England and describes how a member of the Scriven family assumed the Title of Lord of Frodesley Manor.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 2
bulletThis Volume presents the history of the Scriven Family during the English Civil War, leading up to the migration of John Scriven from England to the colonies after the death of Sir Thomas Scriven, Lord of Frodesley Manor.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 3
bulletThis Volume presents the history of the immigrant John Scriven and his first generation family during their lifetimes in New Hampshire, including the time of King Philip's War.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 4
bulletThis Volume presents the history of the first generation of Scribners in America, including the name change from Scriven to Scribner.  The Scribner family moves from the Dover, New Hampshire area to Exeter, New Hampshire following a massacre, and one of the original four Scribner siblings becomes a predecessor grandparent to the famous Daniel Webster.

Volumes 5-9 Pertain to the Descendents of John Scriven through his son John Scribner, Sr. & his grandson Edward Scribner, Sr.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 5
bulletThis Volume presents the ancestral heritage of our early Puritan predecessors, including the Leavitt and Gilman families from whom our ancestor Abigail Leavitt -- wife of Edward Scribner descended.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 6
bulletThis Volume presents our Puritan heritage as part of the emigration to the hamlet of Hingham, Massachusetts, which was settled by emigrants from Hingham, Norfolk, England.  Our direct common ancestry with Abraham Lincoln is demonstrated through emigrants from Hingham, England.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 7
bulletThis Volume outlines the incentives that caused all of Edward Scribner and Abigail Leavitt's children to relocate from Rockingham County, New Hampshire to York County, Maine in the mid-1700s and shows the struggles they encountered in settling the Maine wilderness and establishing the lumbering trade.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 8
bulletThis Volume presents our ancestors' significant roles in the development of Waterborough, Maine from its days as Phillipstown vicinity and then Massabesick Plantation through the time of its settlement and incorporation into Waterborough as a recognized Town.  The Volume also discusses the pre-Revolutionary taxation troubles of its citizens, including the Scribners.


bullet Scribner Family History, Volume 9
bulletThis Volume discusses the adult lives of Edward and Abigail's children ~ all of whom migrated as adults to the vicinity of Waterborough, York County, Maine.  Most then also moved on to Otisfield Plantation in nearby Cumberland County [Otisfield is now in Oxford County].  This is the last volume in the shared family multimedia history that is available on this Scribner Family History CD.


Your Albums

We invite other Scribner descendents to contribute multimedia presentations of their own branch of the Family for sharing with others.  If you would like to make your own multimedia content available to others, or for details about creating such content licensed for public distribution please email the webmaster.



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