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Book Summary

Webmaster Prepares Family History Volumes

Laura Cooper Fenimore has prepared a four-volume set of her American era family history that traces her ancestry back along each line to identify the original European emigrant, the reason and circumstances of their emigration, and then traces their lives and migratory patterns in America since relocation.  In telling her own family history, much of the history of the United States can be seen through her family's eyes.  The volumes are not the ordinary academic tracing of a lineage; instead, the author attempts through the evidence to weave together the narrative stories of her families' lives in order to view her ancestors as people within the context of their histories.  Even though not academically oriented, the author uses the best evidence available for her presentation.

The four volumes are available through Blurb; each is full-color and available in an economical, downloadable iPad e-Book format.

Volume 1:  Common Antecedents

Volume 2: Paternal Cooper Line: Includes discussion of the following surnames -- Classick, Combs, Cook, Cooper, Costello, Cox, Cull, Denton, Eagan, Ewing, Fanning, Gray, Guffey, Hamilton, Harding, Henderson, Holman, Hughes, George, Jackson, Jordan, Laverty, McClung, McDowell, McGowan, McKee, McMenamy, McNabb, McNutt, Matthews, Motheral, Newman, Peyton, Rue, Swinney, Thomas, Titus, White, Whitson, Wiggins, Wilder, Wilks, Williamson, Wright and others.


Volume 3: Maternal Scribner Line: Includes discussion of the following surnames-- Amick [Emmig], Babb, Barager, Barger, Barnard, Beckwith, Bender, Benedict, Bledsoe, Blott, Brown, Burbank, Burr, Carll, Cartee, Chew, Churchill, Clapp, Cloyes, Coble [Kobel], Collins, Corbett, Crick, Daggett, Dixon, Dohm, Evans, Fenimore, Gentis, Gilman, Glass, Graff, Graves, Green, Hall, Hawk, Harrington, Hetchler, Hetsler, Hetzler, Hodsdon, Huff, Jellison, Johnson, Keck, Kincaid, Kinket, Leavitt, Loeser, Long, Martin, Metzler, Morrell, Morse, Moser, Mott, Moulton, Mowbray, Nelson, Newell, Niles, Peaslee, Peters, Platt, Redding, Remick, Rhett, Rhodes, Ross, Ruttan, Rutan, Schild, Scribner, Sharp, Short Siegenthaler, Singer, Smith, Stahli, Steel, Steele, Swett, Thompson, Wadleigh, Ward, Weber, Widrig, Wise [Wyeth], Wohleben, Wood, York, and others.



Volume 4: Pedigree Charts & Index