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1/12/2010: Scribner DNA Results posted...see below link.
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Interior of the Gilman Garrison House, Exeter, New Hampshire.  This house -- which still stands to this day -- was constructed in 1690 by John Gilman, brother of Sarah Gilman, one of the direct John Scribner ancestors.

Scribner Families

Welcome to the Scribner Families Website!

This website is the major project of the Scribner Family Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering and preserving the family history of the descendents of the two early New England Scribner progenitors:  John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire, and Benjamin Scribner of Norwalk, Connecticut.  For the most recent updates to family genealogical data, see Scribner News

Note: Our database guru, Ray Scribner, has such an extensive database that it currently exceeds the bounds of our HTML translation software!  Until we are able to locate new software that can handle the huge size of his database (over 33,000 individuals!) we will not be able to post updates of the data.  However, Ray is still posting his updated Gedcoms to the rootsweb site.  We will advise when this problem has been rectified; until then, please bear with us.

A Significant New Set of Images...about the Scriven/Corbett Family in Shropshire, England, has recently been contributed by Wynn Erickson...Thanks, Wynn!  Go See 'em...

A Scribner Family DNA study is being conducted.  An Adobe Acrobat formatted spreadsheet showing results HERE.

Multimedia CDs outlining the history of the John Scriven line are  available to order!  See the multimedia page for details.

Click Here for a short multimedia slideshow about the John Scriven family history.  For a more complete presentation of that history, please see our multimedia page.

This website is the beginning of an effort to form a centralized repository for the genealogy and history of the descendents of both John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire and Benjamin Scribner of Norwalk, Connecticut.  As the site develops, we may broaden our reach to include information about other lines of Scribners in America as well.

As a beginning effort, I have developed a series of multimedia presentations to share the rich and fascinating family history for the descendents of John Scriven of Dover, New Hampshire.  It is my goal to share this history with as many of our Scribner family members and researchers as possible, in order to preserve our history and promote an interest in the subject.

I would like to extend a personal, special thank-you to Ray Scribner who has developed much of this historical information, and who was my preview volunteer.  Without Ray's help, we simply would not have such a rich treasure of information on which to draw!  Thanks, Ray!  You have done a great service for all ages to come.

If you know you are a descendent of either the John Scriven or Benjamin Scribner line, or have a research interest in either of those lines, please create an entry in our database.

Take me to the multimedia!

Here Now: Scribner Data

We have now uploaded Ray Scribner's Master Database for the John Scriven descendency.  See the Data Page for details.  We are working on adding a database for the Benjamin Scribner line in the near future.

We have also begun to create data reports, organized by family group, and placed them in the images and archives section of this website.

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Submissions:  PLEASE ....

We are always looking for additional materials relevant to our family.  If you know of a website, or have information, photographs, documents, or other information you would like to have us host and share on this site, please contact the webmaster.


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We also have a home in Yahoo Groups.

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All feedback and offers of additional materials for future multimedia volumes should be addressed to:

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Meet Your Website Crew:


Laura Cooper Fenimore


An avid Scribner researcher, Laura was born and raised and currently lives in Oregon.  She is the daughter of Grace Beatrice Scribner, who is a descendent of John and Elizabeth (Cloyes) Scribner through Edward Scribner and Abigail Leavitt.  Grace is descended from the only male child of Edward and Abigail who did not move to Otisfield -- John -- and descendents of John who moved west.   By profession, Laura is known as Laura D. Cooper, Esq., Attorney at Law, and is the author of the recent book published by Demos Medical Publishing, Inc. called Insurance Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better.

If you would like to contact Laura, you may e-mail her.



Perry Lowell


Perry is a Scribner descendent through Iddo Scribner and Phoebe Peasley, one of the lines descending through Thomas B. Scribner.  She is our official computer-meister; she selected the wonderful graphical software we are using on the data page, and burns the CDs of the multimedia family history.  She is also a reliable, constant resource for Laura's novice struggles.

If you would like to contact Perry, you may e-mail her.




Ray Scribner


Ray is our database master.  He is a descendant of John and Elizabeth (Cloyes) Scribner, and the Otisfield, Maine, Scribners.  He is a semi-retired minister living in Huntington, Indiana.  His passion for genealogy goes back over three decades.  He has spent countless hours and ceaseless energies developing what is commonly regarded as the most comprehensive and best-sourced Scribner database available for this line.  The database now has over 8800 names in it.

If you would like to contact Ray, you may e-mail him.


Who Was John Scriven?

Who Was Benjamin Scribner?

John Scriven was born in Wem, Shropshire, England on 27 Oct 1623.  He was most likely the son of Sir Thomas Scriven, the Lord of Frodesley Manor in Shropshire -- a feudal manorial estate dating back to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.  We don't have a record of John Scriven's actual passage in the early 17th century, and he may have traveled to the American colonies by way of Barbados.  We know that he was in Dover, New Hampshire on 5 April 1662, when he was accepted as an inhabitant there.  John married a woman named Mary [surname unknown] in about 1655, somewhere in the colonies.  Some speculation has existed that Mary was Mary Hilton, but that has been disproved.  John and Mary had at least four children in Dover, and John died there 2 Oct 1675.  Of their children, their daughter Elizabeth married Samuel Eastman.  One son, Edward, was  involuntarily pressed into service for the English Navy, and nothing further about him is known.  All of the Scribner descendents from this family therefore can be traced through  John Scribner, Sr. [the eldest son], Thomas B. Scribner [the youngest son], or Samuel and Elizabeth [Scribner] Eastman.

Scribner Families Images

This is an online album containing photographs and images of significant historical documents pertinent to our Scribner History.
Benjamin was the first of his name to settle in Norwalk, Connecticut.  He was born about 1658, but there is no known record of his arrival in America or of his ancestry in England.  From the original Town Records of Norwalk:  "Benjamin Skrivener took to wiffe Hannah Crampton, daughter of John Crampton, of Norwallke, and was married the 5th of March, 1679-80."  In Norwalk, he had his first two children.  He and Hannah then moved to Huntington, Long Island where Benjamin, Jr., John, Hannah, Ruth and Joseph were born in Huntington and Lidia, Elizabeth, and Abigail were born after their return to live in Norwalk.  They were not happy living in Huntington, and were given a land grant as an inducement to stay, 23 Jun 1684,  shortly after the birth of their son John.  The offer was accepted, and they stayed on until the offer expired, in June 1694, and then returned to Norwalk where he attended a Town Meeting on 4 December 1694.  According to E.M. Scribner, "Benjamin died at Danbury, Conn., 15 Oct 1704, while on a visit to relatives at that point.   From the Probate Records of Fairfield, Connecticut, we find that he died intestate, leaving widow Hannah and nine children.  His son Thomas was appointed administrator of the estate in May 1705.


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Scribner Families