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Joseph was called "White Headed Joe" because of his white hair. He moved to Gilead before 1820 and is the ancestor of the Bethel Scribners.


Note    N476         Index
Daniel's first wife, Hannah Kneeland, is buried in a field at her father's house on Bell Hill Road in Otisfield (Spurr, A HISTORY OF OTISFIELD [op. cit.], 558).
 Daniel's second wife, Hannah Sampson, is remembered as a "woman of great industry and of fine character."
 Daniel was a farmer. He lived in the Maine towns of Harrison, Otisfield, Parkman, Lincoln, Springfield, Patten and Crystal. He served for a short time with the Minute Men at Portland during the War of 1812, when the English warships "Boxer" and "Enterprise" attacked Portland and the surrounding forts. He is remembered as "a very faithful member of the Free Baptist Church, and was one of the most industrious of men, farming, logging, butchering, handling flax, and being able to undertake about every kind of work. He was very hardy and almost always had perfect health until near the close of his life. He had a very honorable and upright character" (Sinnett, THE HISTORY OF THE SCRIBNER FAMILIES [op. cit.], 76).


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Nathaniel was a farmer. His tragic death occurred when he drowned in Long Lake, Harrison, on 19 May 1812. He was only 28 years of age.


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Joseph was a sawmill operator.


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Samuel was a farmer.


Note    N490         Index
John was a farmer.


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Andrew was a farmer. He and Betsey moved from Otisfield soon after their marriage and relocated first to Shelburne, Coos County, New Hampshire. About 1825, they moved 12-13 miles to the newly-developing town of Berlin. They were one of the first seven families to settle there. Andrew was the Moderator at Berlin's first Town Meeting, 1 September 1829.
 Prior to 1837, they moved to Hamlin's Grant (part of what is now the town of Woodstock), Oxford County, Maine, where they stayed a few years before returning to Berlin by 1847 (TRADITIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS OF BERLIN [op.cit]., 17, 43; BERLIN CENTENNIAL [op.cit.], 18-20, 33; William Berry Lapham, HISTORY OF WOODSTOCK [1882. Reprint. Somersworth, NH: New England History Press, 1983], 63).


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Daniel is referred to as "Lieutenant" Daniel, however, the DAR PATRIOT INDEX, Centennial Edition, page 2595 (op. cit.), states that he served in the Continental Army as a Private. He enlisted at age 30 in 1778. He was said to be 5 feet, 5 inches tall.
 An unrecorded Quit-Claim Deed dated 29 April 1780 (in the possession of Bourdon Scribner in Harrison, ME) states that Daniel Coffin sold 60 acres of land in Massabesic [Waterboro] to Daniel.


       1. SUSANNAH SCRIBNER, b. 18 Dec 1789, Waterborough, ME; d. 1879, Casco, ME;
       m. JOHN EDWARDS, 16 June 1807, Otisfield; b. 3 Oct 1777, Gorham, Cumberland, ME;
       d. 3 November 1849, Casco, ME.

       2. DANIEL SCRIBNER, b. 2 Sept 1791, Waterborough, ME; d. 21 Sept 1866, Oxford, ME;
       m. ALICE B. SCRIBNER, 6 April 1817, Otisfield; b. 10 Dec 1800, Otisfield;
       d. 12 Oct 1885, Otisfield.

       3. SAMUEL GOODALE SCRIBNER, b. 2 Mar 1793, Waterborough, ME; d. 14 Feb 1868, East Stoneham, Oxford, ME;
       m. (1) FANNY SCRIBNER, 28 July 1816, Otisfield; b. 19 October 1801, Otisfield;
       m. (2) MARY M. AYERS, 7 September 1837, Naples, Cumberland, M
       b. 11 January 1819, Newfield, York, ME; d. 27 April 1892, Deering, Cumberland, ME.

       4. ELIZABETH SCRIBNER, b. 19 March 1797, Waterborough, ME; d. Otisfield;
       m. SILAS HODSDON, 31 May 1815, Otisfield; b. abt. 1792, Otisfield.

       5. LUTHER SCRIBNER, b. 10 Nov 1796, Waterborough, M
       d. 5 Nov 1865, Bangor, Penobscot, ME;
       m. ABIGAIL SAWYER, 8 December 1825, Otisfield; b. 1798, Otisfield;
       d. 4 April 1855, Carmel, Penobscot, ME.

 + 6. Deacon ELIJAH SCRIBNER, b. 11 Januray 1798, Waterborough, ME.

       7. SARAH B. SCRIBNER, b. 9 September 1801, Waterbough, ME; d. 9 June 1881, Otisfield;
       m. SAMUEL SCRIBNER, 30 November 1820, Otisfield; b. 10 August 1798, Otisfield;
       d. 8 May 1872, Otisfield.

       8. SUSAN SCRIBNER, b. 29 April 1803, Otisfield; d. 1803.

       9. ABIAL HAWL SCRIBNER, b. 29 April 1805, Otisfiel
       d. 25 May 1877, Springfield, Penobscot, ME;
       m. MARY REED LEWIS, 28 Dec 1828, Harrison, Cumberland, M
       b. 11 Oct 1807, Harrison, ME; d. 26 February 1885, Springfield, ME.

       10. HANNAH SCRIBNER, b. 7 October 1807, Otisfield; d. 12 April 1852, Albany, Oxford, ME;
       m. JONATHON COBB, JR., 29 November 1827, Otisfield; b. 19 September 1805, Otisfield;
       d. 12 October 1873, Otisfield.

       11. ELEANOR SCRIBNER, b. 25 October 1809, Otisfield; d. 28 January 1866, Otisfield;
       m. WILLIAM REED, aft. 10 May 1834, Otisfield; b. 29 September 1805, Otisfield;
       d. 12 March 1892, Otisfield.